Karate Programs

Lil' Dragons : 4.5 Years

Our Lil' Dragon Program is our pre-karate class. Our instructors utilize major motor development to help our youngest students improve balance, focus, and confidence while learning some basic martial arts. This small, specialty class is offered on Monday at 4PM. The Instructor ratio is 4:1.

Dragons: 5 - 5.5

Our Dragon Program is a very small transition class for the children who are moving from the Lil' Dragon Class to our larger Traditional Class. We may choose to start a child here if we feel that they are a little too old for the younger group but not quite ready for the older one. This class meets Mondays at 4PM. The Instructor ration is 5:1

Traditional Karate

Our very popular traditional karate program begins at 6 years old and cannot be older than 10 when registering. Our beginner classes are offered on Monday 4:30 or Thursday at 5:30. Each class is 45 minutes. Instructor Student Ratio is 7:1. We highly encourage families to get on our wait list for this program as it can take up to 4 months for a spot to become available.

To put your name on our waitlist, please fill out the following information. We will contact you immediately with waitlist position and approximate enrollment date. We thank you, in advance, for your patience! It is never our goal to focus on high enrollment numbers, but, rather, high quality of teaching and personalized attention for our students.